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Second bit of London [Jun. 5th, 2006|03:22 pm]
Travels of a Dynamic Duo



We pick back up at St. Paul's Cathedral, here is Natalie looking very lovely in some of the surrounding garden. Back onto the bus, and we pass by a shop with a lovely little garden out front ("cheap" is an old term for shop, or store, so cheapside is an area with shops.

Next we pass by a name I had heard pretty often, the Blackfriar's Club, with their, well, black friar out front.

We're on our way to see the changing of the guards, a pretty big hub-bub. Various pictures of us waiting, including Jenny, Dr. Johnson, John Morgan, Annica, Jackie, and Dr. Frankland:

Jackie decided that laying on the sidewalk would be the best place to get a good shot. One of the personnel asked her to move.

And here comes the band! I don't have any pictures of the actual armed guards, because my batteries died just as they walked up.

We head back to the bus, and pass Kate on her cell phone, that hip urbanite.

Once finished with the bus tour, we young ones once again head off on our own, this time to the British Museum. I add to my collection of pictures of warning signs:

Beware the lions! Inside, the place is enormous. It is actually dizzying to look up at these glass ceilings.

I'm a big fan of Classical sculpture, but little remains of the sculptures from the Parthenon.

By this point we lose Annica. Yes, we lose Annica in the British Museum. So, we set off on our own and hope that by dumb luck we'll bump into her. The next two pictures are the biggest woodblock print I've ever seen (comprised of 192 separate woodblocks, it is mostly propaganda for Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, containing his geneaology and exploits from his life) and Natalie in front of a gigantic Buddha.

This place is huge! Time for a break.

Next, on to the reading room. Later, I'll upload a video to show how enormous this place is. Jenny is. . . Overwhelmed by the amount of books? Yeah, that's what I'll go with.

Jenny is tired and heads back to the hotel for a nap. We've given up on the possibility of seeing Annica, so Natalie takes me over to an exhibition on the Enlightenment and the king's library. Mmm more Classical sculpure.

Here's an interesting bit of repair they did to one statue:

And of course, being king means you get a stuffed chimp in your library, obviously.

Natalie looking cute in front of the museum.